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2019 World Cold Chain Logistics (Asia) Summit Forum

2019 GZPCE Guangzhou International Cool Chain Logistics & Port Equipment Technology Exhibition

Concurrent Event: 2019 ICEE / ICEF China International Cross-border E-commerce & Goods Expo / China Guangzhou International Cross-border E-commerce Summit Forum 



A. Global situation of cold chain logistics

European cold chain and American cold chain are two emerging markets in the logistics industry, which is expected to grow at a steady pace during the forecast period. At present, the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Australia, Japan, South Korea and other countries have already formed a complete cold chain logistics system. The refrigerated rate of perishable food logistics can be reached 95%. Sales of refrigerated foods continue to maintain a growth trend which occupy 50% of foods total sales amount.

The foreign cold chain logistics has the following main characteristics: ①Developed countries have a strong sense of cold chain logistics. Preservation, storage after production occupy the primary position of agriculture. ② A perfect regulation and technical standard have been established by specialized agency. ③Complete cold chain logistics facilities. ④Advanced cold chain logistics technology ⑤Excellent human resource reserve of the industry.


B. Cold chain logistics in China

As the economy improves and household incomes rise, Chinese consumers have been demanding higher standards for safety, health, and quality of lifeso they expect higher to logistic. But limited by nature and geology condition, fresh and safe fruits vegetables cannot reach the consumer in time. The problem has been effectively solved by cold chain logistics. Because cold chain logistics can prolong the preservation of fruits and vegetables effectively, by using refrigerated technical.


The Chinese cold chain market has grown more than 20 percent over the past five years, increasing from 80 billion RMB in 2011 to 160 billion RMB in 2015. Increasing demand for fresh food and drugs will continue to drive growth in the cold chain industry.


According to statistics, China's total demand for cold-chain logistics will reach 180 million tons in 2018, and the market size of cold-chain logistics will reach 303.5 billion yuan. The growth of the electronic commerce is an important motivation of cold chain logistics development. E-commerce has changed enterprise's traditional marketing method and consumers’ shopping mode, have offered more thoughtful and humanized service to the masses of network shoppers. In China, E-commerce is developing with surprising rapid, and many enterprises build e-commerce Platform to sell fresh product.  

Such huge market will certainly drive a substantial development of cold chain logistics. As matters stand, domestic cold chain logistic system can not fully meet the growing needs of people, especially in Chinese first tier-city.  


For the purpose of jointly exploring the new trends and new opportunities for the development of cross-border e-commerce and cold chain logistics, the 2019 World Cold Chain Logistics (Asia) Summit Forum / 2019 GZPCE Guangzhou International Cool Chain Logistics & Port Equipment Technology Exhibition will take place from July 24th -26th in Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Center. Its aims at providing an exchange platform to domestics and oversea companies of the industry. The 4th China International Cross-border E-commerce & Goods Expo / 4th China Guangzhou International Cross-border E-commerce Summit Forum will be held at the same period.


Cold Chain Logistics Summit Forum will continue to focus on issues such as "first mile" and infrastructure access in Southern Hemisphere producer countries and ‘last mile distribution’ in Northern Hemisphere regions, transport and storage availability, shipping schedules, cold chain investment, trade impediments and multimodal transport

II.You could obtain

Ø Authorized Exchange Platform, brand popularization, supply and demand docking.

Ø Strong Support from Several institutions and associations at home and abroad.

Ø A variety of optional & concurrent activities to promote the communication and exchanges

Ø Specialists from over 20 countries will be invited to attend more than 10 events.

Ø VIP Services: get the chance to meet high quality buyer

Ø Online & Offline Marketing Promotion

Ø Opportunities to visit port & refrigerated warehouse

Ø Professional media will report the event follow-up to raise awareness


IIIConference content:

Fields: Transport, Logistics and services for temperature control product; Products may be transported to (or be originated in) China and (or) countries close to China.

Target: Manufacturers and retailers of fresh product, International logistics company

     Transport technology Supplier, Perishable goods company, for instance:

① Land transportation: truck, railway

② Sea transportationcarrier, container ship

③ Air transportation: air transport & air travel including drone

④ Port & Storage: Port, airport, container terminal, distribution center, cold store

⑤ Technology supplier: technical equipment for refrigeration, temperature control, cargo tracking

⑥ Quality, safety and regulation service

⑦ Services supplier: freight forwarding agent, transport logistics, packaging, leasing services.

⑧ Education, research, information & consulting


IVVisitor Profile

Food Producer, Agricultural product wholesales, traders

Chain supermarket, chain convenience store, chain restaurants, chain retailer

Catering service providers

Fresh food E-commerce platform

Pharmaceuticals company, medical corporation

Inspection, bio-detection

Cool logistics service providers, cold storage owner


V.Add-value: Joining the sponsorship

If you supply products and services for the perishable supply chain, becoming an event sponsor will help you to:

• Build brand awareness with a highly targeted, high quality audience

• Gain access to key decision makers before, during and after the event

• Demonstrate your credentials and commitment to perishable logistics and transport

• Get in front of the leading transport and perishable media

All sponsors benefit from extensive global promotion before our events via website, social media, the press, email, print and electronic brochures, helping you to raise visibility, drive traffic to your website and stay in front of your market. From host and platinum level club packages through to coffee, lanyard and bag branding, we offer standard and bespoke solutions to suit a range of budgets and requirements.

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